How to Attract the Best Sales Reps

Sales management executives have to hire great reps to make up the core of any successful sales team. These reps make the most of their sales opportunities and set a good example for the rest of your team to meet their goals.  However, the best sales reps will be heavily courted by many sales organizations.  It is critical that they want to work for you as much as you want to hire them.  Here are seven features of the best sales organizations that attract high achievers and prevent you from being stuck with a team of C-players.

1.       Compensation – Top salespeople tend to seek incentive-based compensation plans with bonuses or profit-sharing opportunities.  They should be less interested in a higher fixed salary than lower-level salespeople because they are confident in their ability to close a lot of deals.  An incentive-based package will motivate top sellers to perform to their fullest potential.

2.       Strong leadership – High-achieving sales people will want to work with a good manager or boss.  If they are in-demand enough to pick and choose where they work, they will be able to spot a great sales manager (or an ineffective one).  Beyond finding a boss who will respect them, these top performers want someone who can coach them well and integrate them quickly into the company’s sales process so that they can start closing deals right away.

3.       Working Environment – Just like they need a good boss, the best sales reps also require a good working environment and culture.  In fact, a bad environment could be the reason they are leaving their old company.  Prove that by joining you, they are joining a winning team.  Identify the most important characteristics that make up a desirable work place and company culture and seek to adapt them to your own company.

4.       Company Reputation – High-achieving salespeople want to be associated with a good product or company.  You should let them know why your company deserves their attention.  Stress that your product is groundbreaking.  Mention that clients return again and again for your company’s services.  Show them that your company is highly regarded in the industry and the community.

5.       Territory – The best sales reps want territories that will make them successful.  In an interview, they will ask detailed and complex questions about the territories they will be working in to judge their potential.  You need to be able to prove to them that the territory you are offering them is worth their while.

6.       Quota – Top sales reps will not shy away from a large quota – they will be motivated and inspired by it.  A large quota should equal a big opportunity.  However, you need to make sure that it is still reasonable for their territory assignment; even the best sales reps are not superhuman and cannot meet unrealistic quotas.

7.       Challenges “A” players welcome challenges beyond simply winning as many deals as possible.  You should be upfront with them from the beginning about any extraneous challenges you anticipate for them at your company.  High-achievers will want to take on a big role in the company, which includes solving any problems that crop up.  They will see challenges as steps to a bright future.

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