How to Avoid Spooking Your Customers

B2B customers are so easily scared away from purchasing something new  – they gasp at a price tag, jump at the mention of a contract and carefully avoid talking to sales reps. The key is to get past this fear of buying and convince a prospect exactly why they need to become a customer.

Unfortunately, many people find sales reps to be a little scary – a combination of blood-sucking vampires, spooky ghosts, and horrifying zombies. You don’t want to be the rep that kills a deal with frighteningly bad sales tactics. Here’s how to stop scaring prospective customers, and start closing more deals instead.

Appearing Out of Thin Air

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”40292″ align=”left” width=”186″ height=”300″ quality=”100″] If you suddenly cold call a sales prospect out of nowhere, don’t be surprised if you frighten away a lot of people. How would you feel if someone suddenly jumped onto your desk and started pitching to you? Cold calling is incredibly difficult, but it becomes much easier if you warm up a lead first by emailing them some great content, finding a personal connection or using trigger events strategically. Instead of suddenly popping out at someone, they know your name, are expecting your call, and it’s less likely the prospect will hang up the phone in fright.

Sucking Up Money

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”40294″ align=”right” width=”198″ height=”300″] Many people consider sales reps to be little more than money vampires who want to drain customers of as much cash as possible. Because of previous bad experiences, some prospects may think sales reps will do anything to win a deal – even lie or hurt their future customers. But instead of talking dollars too soon into the conversation, you have to earn your prospect’s trust and respect. Try to be helpful, learn about their business’ pain points, and consider how your product could help solve their problems. Instead of jumping right to selling, first work with them to figure out whether your product is a good fit for their business.

Going for the Kill

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”40298″ align=”left” width=”198″ height=”300″ quality=”100″] Much like a werewolf bites its prey in the jugular, overly-aggressive sales reps will clamp down hard and refuse to let go of a prospect – no matter what. While being aggressive and persistent can sometimes pay off in the short term, a prospect won’t be likely to buy from you if they feel as though you’re stalking them through a haunted wood. You should be aware when it’s the right time to back off and give the prospect some time to think, and when you should push them to sign the deal. Be confident in your product, and you won’t have to attack your prospects to close a deal.

Rising from the Dead

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”40300″ align=”right” width=”198″ height=”300″ quality=”100″] Zombie-like sales reps just. Won’t. Die! Even after a prospect has told you no again and again, you just keep coming back and trying for a deal. Instead of moaning “Braaaaains,” sales reps say “Discoooooounts” and just keep lumbering forward without thought. Sometimes, you have to admit that you’re not going to close the deal, and that’s OK. You don’t want to waste your time chasing a prospect that isn’t a great fit for your product anyway. Let the deal die, and put your effort into the next prospect instead.
[divider_line] This Halloween, try not to terrify prospects with your spookiest sales tactics. Remember to be friendly, helpful, and reasonable instead of aggressive, threatening and ferocious – and you’ll see fewer scares and far more sales.
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