How to Change Sales Rep Behavior, Once and For All

[blockquote cite=”Steven Rosen“]Any change or coaching program begins with self-awareness of the behavior. Change is a challenging process, even if we want to change.[/blockquote]

Ivan Pavlov famously conditioned dogs to expect the arrival of food along with the ringing of a bell. Eventually, the dogs only needed to hear the bell, and they would begin to salivate before the food even appeared.

While sales reps aren’t dogs, the scientific concepts of conditioning to see specific behaviors can still help you as a sales manager. Figure out what you’d like your team to do, and then reinforce those behaviors every day. For example, you may be constantly asking your team of sales reps to input data correctly into a CRM, asking them to follow up on leads quickly, or coaching them to use specific sales tactics. Instead of having to micromanage your team every moment of the day, there is a better way to keep your reps on track.

Use a combination of data analytics, automated reports, and in-person management to get your sales reps on track and finally change their sales behavior for the better.

Enforce CRM Use

Many sales reps hate using CRMs like Salesforce because it’s time consuming to input data consistently and log all of their activities each day. However, sales managers need reliable sales data to understand what’s happening on their sales team. So how do you get reps to consistently use CRM correctly? Instead of just nagging your team each day, you can use a data quality report to find out exactly who is inputting data when, and who isn’t.

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This report alerts you when your reps don’t fill out all the necessary fields in Salesforce, so you know exactly who is making data errors and whether they have fixed those errors or not. The report notifies you and the rep automatically, so you can quickly and easily send emails to reps to fix their errors. It saves you time, and will enforce better CRM use.

Track Activity Levels

Sales reps won’t close deals without making a high number of calls, sending a lot of emails, and keeping up a steady rate of activity each day. But how do you know what your reps are really doing each day without hovering over them? With the data your reps are now inputting correctly into the CRM, you will be able to see exactly what they’re up to.

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The report helps you track your rep’s activity levels and hold them responsible for a baseline of specific activities. You can offer prizes to the rep that hits the highest activity goal for the week, rewarding their good behavior and pushing other reps to step up and do more.

Know When Deals Are At Risk

Another challenge is keeping an eye on every opportunity in your pipeline, and making sure your sales reps don’t miss out on a single opportunity. If you don’t have any visibility into your pipeline, this can be an exhausting task. There’s almost no way that you’ll know if a rep has forgotten to follow up with a promising opportunity until it’s probably too late to salvage the deal. Luckily, there is a better option.

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In this report, you can see every opportunity in your sales pipeline in detail, including the name of the rep working the opportunity, the expected dollar amount, and the predicted close date. More importantly, you can also see whether the opportunity is at risk and how much work each rep has put into it. A green bubble means the opportunity is on track to close, while a red bubble means it’s at risk  of being lost based on a variety of factors. The size of the bubble indicates how much work the sale rep has put in so far – a bigger bubble means more work has been done. You can use this to quickly keep an eye on every opportunity in your pipeline, and send a quick note to check in on a rep who hasn’t contacted their opportunity lately so it won’t be lost.

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All of these reports help you understand exactly what’s going on across your sales team and hold your reps accountable for their actions. You can put the responsibility for accomplishing specific behaviors squarely on their shoulders and quickly and easily enforce good behaviour. Instead of spending every day micromanaging your team, you will finally be able to focus on the bigger picture.


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