Sooner or later, all recruiters ask themselves the same question, “Are there any qualified candidates left out there”? The answer (provided by bosses and spouses) is inevitably yes, they’re out there if you keep looking- but the next question recruiters ask, “Then how the heck do I reach them?”, is not as easily answered.

The staffing and recruiting industry is fickle- clients and candidates constantly change the way they go about their searches, and you need to be looking ahead in order to be prepared when these changes hit.

The most successful recruiters are the ones who are able to stay one step ahead of the game and find talent by matching their recruiting methods to the preferences of their candidates. But how, exactly, do candidates prefer to be recruited in 2014?

The Manpower Group sought to answer this question by conducting a poll of over 200 job seekers. The poll dug into candidates’ engagement with recruiters and employers when gathering information about jobs, and focused on online engagement in particular. The results include several important statistics that recruiters need to take to heart as they strive to keep their recruiting methodology relevant. Three major takeaways are:

  • The majority of candidates who use social media to gain information about jobs are Facebook users

  • 30% of all job candidates gather information about jobs and employers from social media, while only 13% rely on information from third party recruiters.

  • 86% of candidates look to company websites to gain information about jobs


These findings all support a single theme: candidates rely on the web for information about jobs and employers more than ever before. The perfect candidates are out there somewhere, but you and your firm need to establish a strong web presence if you want a shot at reaching them.

Research conducted by ATS provider Bullhorn also supports the conclusion that you need to establish a strong online recruiting presence if you don’t want to be left scratching your head when looking for the talent you need. Bullhorn’s research turned up a few other surprising trends, but just in case you don’t have time to parse through the reports on your own, we boiled down several of the most impactful findings into a handy one page guide.

Download the guide below to find out more about the best strategy for finding and connecting with your next great candidate. It might just save you from an awkward conversation with your boss.

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