What happens if a new prospect says to a sales rep, “I read that great eBook on your site about sales forecasting. Can you tell me more about what was discussed in Chapter 3?”

Would the sales rep on your team be able to discuss the specific eBook chapter in detail? Unfortunately, far too many sales teams aren’t aware of much of the marketing content that is attracting leads. This could result in a rep responding, “Um, I’m not sure I know that specific chapter you’re referring to.”

Don’t let your reps get away with ignoring all your great content. Here’s how to make sure your sales team knows your marketing content backwards and forwards, so your reps are perceived as intelligent, informed and can use content to sell more effectively.

Read Up

I know it sounds like a school book report, but it’s important for every member of your sales team to at least skim – if not actually read –  all of the most popular content on your site. While reps may not have time to read everything in full, each week they should be aware of the newest blog posts on your company website, the top eBooks, and more. If a prospect references the great marketing content that they read on your site, now your sales reps won’t seem like they know nothing about it. Have reps read a blog digest each week, read intros to the latest longer-form eBooks, and more.

Offer Talk Tracks

In addition to reading and knowing the popular content on your site, you can also offer guidance to your sales reps. Have someone on the sales team be responsible for reading all of the content in full and creating a talk track specific to each piece. This should include conversation starters as well as suggestions for what reps can send to prospects to educate them further. This will help jog your rep’s memories, give them guidance about how to move prospects to the next sales stage, and utilize content more effectively.

Create a Master Document

Sales reps are busy, and they may not have time to go and find every single eBook or blog post at a moment’s notice. They may want to send a prospect a relevant eBook after an interesting conversation, but just don’t know where to find it quickly. To eliminate confusion, create a master content document that is accessible internally to the entire sales team. Use something like a Google Doc or a tool like Docurated that can be updated constantly and shared across the company easily. Include the title of each piece, a short description of the content, and a link directly to that piece of content. This way, when a rep needs to look up an eBook on sales forecasting, it’s all available in one place and easy to find.

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Share the Marketing Calendar

What new content is the marketing team actively promoting via email this week? You already know that the newest leads that enter the sales pipeline in the coming week will be directly tied to this email marketing effort. It’s also likely that many of the prospects will reference the specific eBook they downloaded on calls with reps. Instead of being unprepared on the call, make sure reps know what to expect when they call prospects. If marketing promoted three new pieces of content through email, sales reps should be familiar with that content specifically. It will help cut back on confusion by having the newest content fresh on their minds.
Sales reps may not want to read a huge list of marketing content, but you just have to make it a part of their job. Offer easy to access resources, talk tracks and a marketing calendar to make your content easily accessible and more convenient to use. With the right management, your team will get full on board and start using content daily to sell more effectively to prospects.

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