How To Get The Most Out Of A Sales Conference

The 5th Annual Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2013, hosted by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, takes place this week in Chicago, Illinois. As the premier conference for thought leaders and titans of industry in the Inside Sales landscape, the event is sure to be a tremendous opportunity for thought-provoking collaborative discussions on sales analytics and other inside sales topics. InsightSquared will be serving as a Platinum Sponsor at the event. As with any conference, there are several keys to making the most of your time at the Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2013. Here are five tips on maximizing your opportunities at any sales conference.

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1. Set goals prior to attending

Clichéd as it might be, the adage that “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is particularly true at conferences. Write down specific goals that you hope to accomplish by attending. These goals could be to learn about new innovations, meet with specific individuals, engage with prospects and existing customers, qualify leads or simply to network and build relationships. Conferences are usually extremely busy events that operate at a breakneck pace, so establishing goals early would help you accomplish them.

2. Build your network

Whether or not networking is explicitly listed as one of your top priorities for the conference, your team should not miss the opportunity to get your company’s name out there and meet other thought leaders. Icebreakers and introductions should be especially easy among like-minded peers. Even if you have a few specific individuals that you would especially like to meet, keep an open mind. You never know when you’ll run into an influential person of particular interest to you and your company.

3. Have at least one key takeaway from every talk

Odds are that you plan to attend several different panels to listen to different experts expound on various subjects. With so much information going around, it is important to break every talk down to one central point or key takeaway. Solidifying key points will help you fill in the blanks on details after the fact.

4. Be fully prepared

Nothing screams a lack of professionalism louder than a company booth that is not fully prepared to deliver presentations or provide information on products. Before you head off to the conference, make sure you have every physical item you need – business cards, laptops, giveaways and company signage are all booth essentials. Ensure that all participating members of your team are fully aware of their role and responsibility. If you are delivering a key talk, know your presentation like the back of your hand and make sure all related multimedia have been synced and are working properly.

5. Follow up after the conference

After the conference is over, it can be easy to forget about the excitement of it all and slip back into your daily routine. However, if promises have been made at the event, it is crucial that your company maintains its integrity after the fact. This means promptly delivering on whatever you guaranteed when you return to your office. Did prospects sign up to receive marketing materials? Get that information out to them as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to write thank-you notes and follow-up emails.

 Keep these tips in mind and have a great time at the Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2013. Don’t forget to stop by InsightSquared’s booth for a look at our award-winning sales analytics and sales reporting software.


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