Every sales manager would like to be omniscient – the all-knowing and all-seeing leader of their sales team. You try to be aware of everything that’s happening while you’re in the office, but what if you’re on vacation or at an off-site conference or meeting? Or what if your reps spend a lot of time selling on the road?

It’s not that your team of reps are children and constantly need to be supervised; it’s just part of your job to always keep an eye on your team’s progress towards sales goals. The goal isn’t to be a micromanager, but you do want to be able to track your team’s progress even when they or you are not physically in the office. Great managers are able to both delegate power to others, but can also manage high-level progress when they’re not in the office.

Don’t come back from a trip surprised to find your team in shambles – here’s how you can keep an eye on your sales reps remotely.

Check Activity Levels

What are your reps really doing this week? You don’t have to be there to know what’s happening on a daily basis at the office. If your reps are inputting data correctly into your CRM, you already have the data at your fingertips that will tell you exactly what they’re up to.

In this report, you can see just how many phone calls, connections, meetings, demos, deals and more have happened in the past week or month. This lets you know how your reps are stacking up against the activity goals you’ve set, and allows you to easily send an email to a rep that is slacking off in your absence.

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Analyze Efficiency

It’s important not just to understand who’s working the most, but also what the efficiency is of their activities. In other words, how many of your team’s calls are leading to connections with new prospects? How many of those discussions with prospects lead to a meeting? And how many of those meetings end in a deal?

You can see exactly how efficient your team is, thanks to this detailed report. It shows the ratio of calls to connects, connects to meetings, meetings to deals, and more. This shows the conversion rates of your activities to the next step in the sales funnel. The report enables you to keep track of your team’s real progress – not just whether they’re working, but what they’re really accomplishing in your absence.

Follow Opportunity Changes

While keeping track of activities is vital, it’s also important to know what opportunities have closed, been lost, or changed value or close date. This is all about keeping an eye on your sales pipeline and understanding which deals are actually going to close before the end of the month, and which will probably be lost or push to the following month.

This report will alert you to any changes to opportunities while you’re working remotely. If a deal that you expect to close before the end of the month suddenly has a change in close date, you need to know right away. You can then email the rep working that deal to find out what’s going on, and whether you need to adjust your forecast accordingly. You can also offer some coaching advice to help that rep recover the deal, if possible.


Technology makes it possible for you to know exactly what’s going on with your team, even when you’re not there. Using specific analytics reports, you can learn what your team is doing, how efficiently they’re working, and keep an eye on developing deals. With the right tactics, you can stay in on top of your sales numbers – no matter where you are.


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