Everybody has those days when they get frustrated at work and question their current role and career path.

It’s perfectly normal. But if it happens everyday, then you should probably listen to those nagging inklings and look into alternative career paths.

As a salesperson, shifting your career path may seem like an overwhelming thought. But if you realize that you don’t want to pursue the typical sales management career path, there are plenty of other options you can consider.

For those who aren’t quite ready to pack their bags and buy a one way ticket to Southeast Asia, think about transitioning to a role in sales operations, channel sales, or even marketing.

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Sales Operations Careers

Sales operations has emerged as an entirely new sales career path with the advent of the CRM (i.e. Salesforce). Roles in this field are very different from traditional sales roles. In sales ops, you don’t need to cold call MQLs, conduct product demos with prospects, or work with champions to push deals over the finish line.

Rather, sales ops is all about empowering and enabling the sales team as a whole. Often, this involves spending a lot of time in your CRM analyzing data and tracking down powerful tools with the ultimate goal of making life easier for your sales team so they can close more — and bigger — deals. Arguably the most attractive aspect of a role in sales ops is that you can have a tremendous impact on the growth of your company.

A career in sales operations might be right for you are:

Channel Sales Careers

Channels sales is all about building relationships with like-minded, non-competitive companies in your space. This means maintaining existing partnerships, as well as developing entirely new ones. Naturally, channel sales roles involve talking to lots of different people.

The primary objective of channel sales, like traditional sales roles, is to increase revenue. The main difference here is that people working in channel sales aren’t the ones closing the deals. Rather, they facilitate deals by working with partners to reel in qualified prospects who otherwise wouldn’t have heard about your business.

A career in channel sales might be right for you are:

  • always connecting with new people
  • able to quickly establish rapport and make sustainable connections
  • on an endless search for new growth opportunities

Marketing Careers

Marketing is more closely tied to sales than most people think, making for a common transition out of a career in sales. As SMarketing continues to catch on, you can expect to see more and more people jump back and forth between positions in sales and marketing.

“Marketing” is a pretty wide field, so let’s break it down even further. What exactly does marketing entail? Here are the some of the more common marketing fields today:

Content Marketing

The goal of content marketing is to generate leads by writing blog posts to drive traffic to your website and gated offers (eBooks, whitepapers, etc.). If you know how to write, content marketing might just be for you.

Demand Generation

This area of marketing often relies heavily on marketing automation and lead nurturing drips to move leads down the funnel until they’re ready to be passed off to your sales team. Demand generation teams often work closely with sales to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding product positioning, sales process, and lead goals.


No two companies are quite the same. Your brand can be thought of as your company’s identity. When someone thinks of your company, what comes to mind? That depends on how your brand is perceived by the market. Marketers focused on branding play a crucial role in growing word-of-mouth, establishing a strong reputation, and eventually becoming the industry standard.

A career in marketing might be right for you are:

  • excellent at communicating ideas to a wide audience
  • able to garner people’s attention, and maintain it
  • fascinated by the power of the internet

Want to learn more about how to shift your sales career path? Check out our Sales Career Paths Chart to see which roles might be right for you.

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