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Let’s face it, most of the tips for writing a great email out there are for marketers. But what about sales email strategy? Most sales reps don’t have a sales email strategy, even though they use email to contact prospects and opportunities every single day.

It’s your job to give your reps the tools they need to succeed, and a proper sales email strategy is a tool that requires some sales coaching. Want to increase your reps’ open and response rates? Then make sure they know how to write a sales email.

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Even if they’ve written an awesome subject line, if the content of their email sucks, they risk irritating their prospect – it’s like unwrapping a big present to find a lump of coal inside. How disappointing is that? So, the #1 key to email is keeping it short. The framework for a killer sales email is 1-2 sentences of each of the following:

  • Attention: grab their attention so they keep reading
  • Interest: lay the foundation in 3 points
  • Desire: build up to the action item
  • Action: give them something to click on, respond to, or do

Let’s look at this prospect email example:

This is a prospect email example.

Source: Jeff Hoffman, renowned sales executive, educator, entrepreneur, and guy who knows how to write a sales email

What makes this sales prospect email so great?

  • Opens with the prospect’s name followed by a comma or dash. No Sir/Madam or Mr./Mrs.

  • Concise. No rambling. More likely than not, the recipient will skim the email – and if the email can’t easily be skimmed, they probably won’t read it.

  • Correct grammar. Spell check is your friend!

  • Clean formatting. Paragraphs should be 1-2 sentences long and separated by a space. If you have a longer point to get across, use bullet points.

  • Uses the words “you” and “your” frequently. Avoid words like I, Me, My, We, Us, and Our, especially at the beginning of your email. It should be all about the prospect — and not much about you, your company, or your product.

  • Only gives one action item. Emails with many action items get fewer replies or click-throughs. Stick to one question, link, or button and separate it spatially from other text.

Get Our Complete Guide to Writing Sales Emails »

Hold a workshop with your reps on writing sales emails

Workshops are great ways to coach your reps on any topic so they can get some practice in.

  1. Have your reps individually brainstorm companies who could actually use the product or service your company provides. They can use Google, LinkedIn, VC sites, your friends, and so on to find the company.

  2. Give them 10 minutes to draft an email to the CEO of the company they chose.

  3. Ask them to pair up to review their emails before presenting to the group.

  4. Have them send their emails! It will be exciting to see who gets a response.

Writing a sales email doesn’t have to be hard. Give these tips a try and keep track of whether they drive higher response rates!

What other sales email strategies do you have?

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