Helping their reps manage the open opportunities in their pipeline is one of the most important aspects of a sales manager’s job. And it’s also one of the most difficult. Should you focus on early-stage or late-stage opportunities? How often should you hold a pipeline review meeting with each rep? How can you tell if a particular rep has enough open opportunities to hit her number?

As Mark Roberge was growing HubSpot’s sales team and trying to hit rising revenue targets, he spent a lot of time answering questions just like these. And he came up with some profound answers.

“From experience, I found that it is important to hold 30-minute opportunity reviews at least twice a month with each rep,” he recently told InsightSquared during an extensive interview. “You should always start with newly added early-stage opportunities, because these are the ones you have the most influence over.”

And how does Mark use these meetings to help his reps improve?

“It’s important to fully explain any process changes to your reps. You will always have some reps who don’t agree with your process, but you should make sure they understand why it’s important. This will help them better adapt to your system and improve their performance.”

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