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Report: B2B marketers view mobile as ‘crucial enabler’ for sales

This week, Salesforce released their “2015 State of B2B Marketing Report.” This report is the first of it’s kind, and is based on survey responses from about 2,200 full-time B2B marketers around the globe. The report cover a wide breadth of trends within the B2B marketing landscape, from content marketing to email to social. We thought one of the strongest insights revealed in this report was the fact that 60% of B2B marketers believe mobile is a “crucial enabler” and conduit of their overall sales. This article gives a nice overview of some of the key indicators making the case that the time to stop ignoring mobile is now.

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Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn As Number 1 Social Media Site For Salespeople

LinkedIn has traditionally been the go-to for salespeople looking to use social media for prospecting. However, new research recently released from Kitedesk on the impact of social media usage on sales performance ranks Twitter above LinkedIn when it comes to sales prospecting. In reaction to this result, CEO of Leader Networks Vanessa Di Mauro is quoted saying, “Due to the fast and collaborative nature of Twitter a salesperson can effectively share an idea or engage with a prospective client through a pithy missive. When the exchange goes well, it can then be moved to LinkedIn – which represents a much larger personal commitment.”

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The Most Important Insights From Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends Report

Each year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Claudfield & Byers releases an in-depth report on the state of the internet. The research indicates that internet usage is growing, but slowing. Technology as a tool for social change, messaging, and the tech bubble are among other topics covered. It’s worth checking out, but if you just want the highlights, read this.

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