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Aim For The Stars: Why Aggressive Sales Quotas Work

A new study by Steve W. Martin, author of the sales strategy series “Heavy Hitter,” and Nick Hedges, Velocify CEO, details the key attributes and metrics that separate high-performing sales organizations from average and underperforming ones. One of the most revealing findings, as Hedges details in this article, is the compelling evidence in support of aggressive sales quotas. It has been argued that setting sales goals too high can cause more harm than good. However, the research in this study shows that there is strong correlation between higher quotas and better performance.

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What We Know From a Decade of SaaS

The number of unicorns, or private companies that are valued at a billion dollars or more, has jumped from 75 to just under 100 since the beginning of this year alone. With valuations reaching record highs, it leaves a lot of people eager to better understand exactly how they are being calculated. In this article, TechCrunch takes a look at the past decade and uses data from public company valuations to walk through the benchmarks investors use for SaaS businesses today.

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With SMBs at Risk, ISACA Shares its Data Security Know-How

The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) has released two new guides with the goal of helping small and mid-sized businesses understand their data security requirements and implement a plan of action accordingly. With a lack of resources and a constantly shifting security landscape, it can make it hard for SMBs to keep up. In addition, as Eddie Shwartz, international president of the ISACA, pointed out, “The backbone of our economy is small and medium-sized businesses. A lot of innovation and new ideas come from small companies. Their IP [intellectual property] would be very attractive for economically driven companies.” Both guides are available to download on their website.

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