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These 3 charts explain why Microsoft almost paid $55 billion for Salesforce when it has the same exact product

It recently came to light that Microsoft and Salesforce were in talks about a potential acquisition. According to CNBC’s David Farber, discussions eventually ended due to a lack of consensus around price. Microsoft reportedly wanted to pay $55 billion, while Salesforce was looking for $70 billion. Between Salesforce’s strong financials and their ability to attract customers across all market sizes, Microsoft’s pursuit makes sense. These charts give some interesting insight into Salesforce’s CRM software market domination.

via Business Insider

Why Sales Interactions (with Humans) Still Drive the B2B Buyer’s Journey [Report]

A study by SiriusDecisions says that sales interactions with reps still have the greatest impact on buying decisions, despite claims in recent years that the majority of a B2B buyer’s journey is complete before a customer ever speaks with a salesperson. As this article summarizes, the increase in digital buying behavior and influx of content doesn’t mean that buyers are any less dependent on sales reps to make their purchase decisions. In fact, this report suggests that the highest level of buyer/seller interaction occurs early in the process during the education phase.

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This new site keeps track of failed startups and why they flopped

Nine out of 10 startups fail, and yet we tend to only hear about the success stories. There’s a new website out there that wants to change that. aims to be a go-to resource for people in the startup world to see what has failed and why. In a simple spreadsheet format, the site provides a list with the company name, concept, reason for failing, and external link to an article that elaborates on the company’s downfall. In explaining his hope for the site, cofounder Matthew Davis said, “It’s definitely about the lessons. Hopefully people will see the patterns. That seems to be the main thing people are talking about so far. We’ve seen lists of the ten things that everyone does right, and we’re hoping that this will be equally as valuable.”

via Business Insider

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