In Case You Missed It: The Best Sales Sessions At Dreamforce ’14

Dreamforce ‘14 was an amazing experience full of networking, live music, huge product announcements, and – best of all – informative sales sessions from preeminent experts. But it all went by so quickly! You feel like you could have been at Dreamforce for another week and gotten even more out of the conference.

Whether you couldn’t get to every session you wanted to or couldn’t make it to Dreamforce at all this year, you don’t have to miss out on any valuable sales insights. Read session recaps from some of the best sales sessions at Dreamforce, including experts like Jason Jordan, Trish Bertuzzi, Aaron Ross and many more.

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Fastest Path to Pipeline: Best Practices for Inside Sales Teams

Megan Oleson – Senior Manager of Enterprise Business Development at Salesforce
Gina Whitmore – Program Manager of Sales Development at Salesforce

Every sales team wants a robust and healthy sales pipeline. But how exactly can you consistently generate a quality pipeline of opportunities? Oleson and Whitmore shared their secrets to success.

Coaching: The Power of Knowing Where You Stand

Mike Wolff – Senior AVP of Commercial Sales at Salesforce
Eric Hazelton – Senior Account Executive of Commercial Sales
Meghan Gendelman – Director of Learning Strategy

What’s causing your sales reps to be disengaged and unhappy in their jobs? It’s probably a lack of consistent and targeted sales coaching. Learn how to fix this problem with advice from Salesforce leaders who know best.

The Path to Growth Hacking B2B Sales

Brandt “Bubba” Page – Founder and CEO of

Inside sales reps have to think beyond just picking up the phone and dialing for dollars. If you want to sell, you have to combine online and in-person connections to build a great sales reputation. Sales expert Page explains exactly how to hack your B2B sales.

The Good and Bad News About Outbound

Aaron Ross – Best-selling author of “The Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales

How can you create predictable, scalable revenue for your business? One thing you can do is integrate outbound calling into your overall sales strategy. Ross explains why it’s important to build an outbound team at your business.

How to Use Salesforce CRM Metrics to Drive Sales

Jason Jordan –  Partner in Vantage Point Performance

Our ability to produce sales metrics has outpaced our ability to understand them, according to sales expert Jordan. He explains exactly how you can use Salesforce CRM metrics to improve your sales results and drive success.

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Turn Data into Dollars

Rebecca Wetteman – VP at Nuclear Research
Cody Royster – IS Development Manager at InterCall

Everyone’s talking about data, but how do you take your data and transform it into closed deals? Wetteman and Royster explain how to clean up your data and use it more effectively.

Keynote: Tony Robbins

Everyone wants to be both successful and happy in life, but why do those two things so often compete with each other? World-renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins reveals the secret to a fulfilling life in this inspiring keynote session.

The Art of the Sales Call – Part 1: Profiling the Customer

Philip Cleary – Director Sales Enablement at Salesforce
Carl Johnson – Regional Sales Productivity Manager at Salesforce

If you want to give your sales team a competitive advantage in the market, you have to understand how to profile and target your ideal customer. Salesforce leaders Cleary and Johnson offer their tips and best practices.

The Art of the Sales Call – Part 2: Executing with Excellence

Philip Cleary – Director Sales Enablement at Salesforce
Carl Johnson – Regional Sales Productivity Manager at Salesforce

In this follow-up session, Johnson and Cleary discusss how to execute a sales call effectively – what to talk about, how to address potential problems, and much more. Learn how to use the information you learned from profiling your customer to lead to more closed deals.

Keynote: Hillary Clinton

How can businesses, technology, nonprofits and government work together to improve the wolrd? Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton inspired Dreamforce attendees with big ideas about how we can have more caring corporations, more tech-savvy charities and create more personal connections with each other.

The Art and Science of Sales Forecasting

Philip Cleary – Director of Sales Enablement at Salesforce
Phil Bradley – Senior Director of Sales Enablement, at Salesforce

Sales forecasting shouldn’t be based solely on intuition. Instead, data can help you create more accurate and reliable sales forecasts. Cleary and Bradley explain how to use data to measure historical trends and get a better idea of what deals will close next month.

Manage Opportunities like a Challenger

Jaime Kleinerman – Director of Solution Development and Innovation at CEB
Mark Handron – VP of Strategic Alliances at The TAS Group

If you already subscribe to the principles of The Challenger Sale, this session is for you. Kleinerman and Handron explain how to get the right sales funnel, the right customer verifiers, and the right stakeholders to grow your business.

#1 Competitive Edge in Sales Today

Jill Konrath – author of AGILE Selling
Trish Bertuzzi – President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc.
Joanne Black – Sales Speaker at No More Cold Calling
Josiane Feigon – Inside Sales Talent Evangelist at TeleSmart
Debra Walton – Chief Content Officer at Thompson Reuters.

Sales is more cutthroat and competitive than ever before, so how do you get a competitive edge in the market? Get the inside edge from this high powered panel of sales experts.

Dreamforce has given you some great sales advice to take back and implement on your team back home. With amazing advice from knowledgeable experts, you know that this conference will really help your business. Now, you just have to start counting the days until Dreamforce ‘15!

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