[Infographic] 9 Key Takeaways from Virtual Sales Summit Experts

The Guiness World Record-Breaking Inside Sales Virtual Sales Summit 2013, hosted by InsideSales.com, featured more than 60 brilliant sales experts, authors and innovators sharing their words of wisdom on the hottest topics in the inside sales industry today. The experts presented on a variety of subjects, ranging from sales management best practices and sales analytics innovations to sales coaching tips and inside sales trends for the future. It was almost impossible to narrow down the dozens of great speakers, but there were 9 sessions in particular that really resonated with us. Here are our 9 favorite key takeaways from Virtual Sales Summit experts, presented in an infographic.

[lightbox title=”Inside Sales Virtual Summit Infographic” width=”1100″ height=”6599px” href=”https://jupitertheme10.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/infographic_virtual_sales_summit_v3.png” inline=”false”][/lightbox]