Insightful Gems on Twitter from our Favorite Sales Experts

Amid the noise and the chaff, Twitter can be a wonderful place to pick up great tips, pearls of wisdom and words of advice from some of the best and brightest in any industry. Sales is no different, with hundreds of the finest minds in marketing and sales management taking to the Twitter-sphere to share their thoughts with like-minded professionals and interested learners. Here are some of our favorite and most insightful gems from 25 sales experts whom we follow and monitor intently.

Greg Alexander:

“Make your number by defeating the status quo.” – (Click to Tweet) 

Bob Apollo:

“If your ability to articulate value is critical to your B2B sales success, you can’t afford to leave it to chance.” – (Click to Tweet)

Trish Bertuzzi:

“Never ramble in your communications with busy people.” – (Click to Tweet)

Ian Brodie:

“Stop marketing and start LISTENING!” – (Click to Tweet)

Brian Carroll: 

“Good data can solve big problems.” – (Click to Tweet)

Paul Castain:

“Here’s a crazy question to ask yourself at the end of each day: ‘What did I learn today?'” – (Click to Tweet)

Jonathan Farrington:

“There’s no such thing as small talk when you’re selling.” – (Click to Tweet)

Colleen Francis:

“Bad prospects are not like wine; they do not grow old gracefully.” – (Click to Tweet)

Gerhard Gschwandtner:

“You can sell, but do you sell for a greater cause as well?” – (Click to Tweet)

Jeffrey Gitomer:

“In order to create a valuable question, you have to learn what will strike importance or emotion in the mind of the customer.” – (Click to Tweet)

S. Anthony Iannarino:

“Whatever you believe becomes your truth. Why not brainwash yourself with the biggest, most empowering beliefs you can?” – (Click to Tweet)

Jill Konrath:

“Our most important job is helping our prospects understand the business value they’ll get from making a change.” – (Click to Tweet)

Kendra Lee:

“Truly innovative companies disrupt the status quo by focusing on & questioning things most people ignore.” – (Click to Tweet)

Alen Mayer:

“If you’re an expert, people will follow you because of that expertise – not because you can get up on the podium and give a speech.” – (Click to Tweet)

Mac McIntosh:

“The right message at the right time is half the battle.” – (Click to Tweet)

Sean McPheat:

“Salespeople LOVE to talk. LISTEN more!” – (Click to Tweet)

Sharon Drew Morgen:

“Why doesn’t change stick? Because we try to add info from the outside, rather than shift internal systems.” – (Click to Tweet)

Jeff Ogden:

“Make sure you know the specific measurable business outcome you need to deliver with marketing.” – (Click to Tweet)

Lori Richardson:

“What better way to demonstrate you are a person of your word than to tell a buyer you’ll do something, then do it as promised?” – (Click to Tweet)

Kelley Robertson:

“The number one characteristic people want from their leaders is integrity.” – (Click to Tweet)

Lee Salz:

“Performance appraisals: Salespeople need them too!” – (Click to Tweet)

Tibor Shanto:

“The efficient and consistent execution of your sales process is driven by your sales culture.” – (Click to Tweet)

David Steel:

“Content is king, and targeted content is a lot more powerful.” – (Click to Tweet)

Elinor Stutz:

“Train your employees on your principles and rules for business; hire only those willing to work in alignment.” – (Click to Tweet)

Mike Weinberg:

“The sad reality is that a very large percent of salespeople are failing because they fail to spend enough time & energy focused on selling.” – (Click to Tweet)

Share some of your favorite experts that you follow on Twitter or their insightful words in the comments section below!

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