The world of Business Intelligence is one that is constantly evolving, changing with the ever-increasing complexity in sales and marketing. When InsightSquared first started, most of the companies in the industry were “legacy BI platforms,” requiring 12-18 months to implement and priced prohibitively, leaving small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) out of the fray.

We wanted to revolutionize the BI industry by creating what we call “Modern BI” – a business intelligence tool that is powerful, yet incredibly easy to use and implement while being affordably priced with SMBs in mind. We believed that BI works best when it is designed for “business uses” at all tiers of the company, not just among IT experts or top-level executives. That mindset and belief has driven our company and our product to where it is now.

Today, we are proud and excited to introduce InsightSquared 3.0.

So, what’s new?

Our motivations with the design and launch of InsightSquared 3.0 is to make Business Intelligence evermore accessible and easy to use, without compromising on the power of sales analytics, marketing metrics and the reports that help businesses run better. We wanted to provide a solution for CEOs who want to run their companies better and by the numbers. To that end, InsightSquared 3.0 features:

An interactive, fully customizable dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

The new InsightSquared 3.0 dashboard is totally customizable, allowing users to pick and choose the reports that are most important to them and that they want to monitor most closely. Let’s say that managing the sales pipeline is your top priority. You could then choose to feature the Pipeline Today, Pipeline History, and Pipeline Contribution from Marketing reports prominently displayed on your dashboard upon signing in.

What if you want a broader overview of how your entire sale team is doing? A dashboard that displays the Pipeline Today, the team’s Bookings Trajectory, Sales Cycle, Sales Funnel and individual reps’ activities might be more suitable. The world is your oyster; customize the sales and marketing reports that you need, with the filters and pivots that matter to you.

Easily Add Modules

A totally redesigned user interface

I wish my BI tool was easy enough for all my employees to use, with minimal training.

- Every BI user EVER

Ease-of-use is an extremely important part of what we do; as mentioned previously, we strongly believe that sales analytics and business intelligence works best when it is fully accessible by every individual on your sales team or across your entire organization. That is why, with InsightSquared 3.0, we have designed our product to be easier to use than ever before.

The pivots and filters on each individual sales report are more powerful and customizable than ever before. Users can drill down on each individual sales or marketing metric based on the filters that will provide them with the actionable insights they need. For example, the Lead Trajectory report supports filters by Campaign type, Lead Source, Lead Type, Lead Market Segment, Lead CRM System and a whole host of other sub-filters. Users can opt for as many filters on each report as they want – or none at all!

Our sidebar has also been tweaked for better navigation, based on what the user is looking for from their data. Sales managers, Marketing VPs, sales reps and even CEOs can quickly dive into reports for Sales Activities, the Sales Pipeline, Sales Results, Account Management, Lead Generation, Marketing Results, Product Management, Partner, Finance and Data Quality.

InsightSquared Customizable Dashboard

More reports than ever before!

We know sales and marketing gets more complex with each passing year; that is why we never stop resting on our laurels and are constantly talking to industry leaders and our customers to figure out what reports they want the most. With InsightSquared 3.0, we have more new reports than ever – over 400 different reports! – allowing users to get the actionable insights they need in almost any area.

  • Pipeline History – How is our pipeline value changing over time? What is our current pipeline by stage?

  • Pipeline Inflow / Outflow – What is the value of our pipeline? Are we winning more than we lose?

  • Data-Driven Sales Forecast – What is our bookings forecast for this month / quarter / year? How much business do we expect to close?

  • Sales Funnel by Count / Value – What are our conversion rates for closed opportunities? Which sales funnel stages are we struggling to convert in?

  • Strike Zone – Which opportunities am I most likely to win? Based on historical win rates of similar opportunities, what is the probability of winning each pipeline opportunity?

  • Pipeline Coverage – How much more value do I need in my pipeline to reach my bookings goal? What is my historical ratio of bookings to the total value of my pipeline?

  • Lead Aging – When was the last activity for each lead? Which leads haven’t had activity in some time and need follow-up?

  • Pipeline Contribution from Marketing – How much of our pipeline is coming from marketing-generated leds? What is the quality of marketing leads?

These are just a handful of the new sales and marketing reports that we are unveiling as part of InsightSquared 3.0. We are never done tinkering though, so stay tuned to see some of the most important reports and sales metrics that you need!

Sales VPs and sales managers can also now benefit from 3 new innovative, breakthrough technologies in InsightSquared 3.0:

  • Instant Sales Insight™: Instantly see your sales conversions from sales activities to opportunities and to deals.

  • Sure Forecast™: Get a more accurate sales forecast that is based on your pipeline and stage conversions.

  • Smart Pipeline Manager™: Manage your pipeline and see high-probability and at-risk opportunities.


With InsightSquared 3.0, we believe that we are truly revolutionizing the Business Intelligence industry, continuing to break down barriers of entry that had previously kept smaller companies at bay. We are the antidote to these legacy BI systems, a Modern Business Intelligence product that is powerful, yet easy-to-use and affordable, unlike the large, complex and expensive alternatives.

Welcome to the Future of Business Intelligence.

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