Office Computer Assumes Control of Product Development and Emerges as Top Sales Closer

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 1, 2015 – InsightSquared, the leading provider of business analytics for growing companies, today announced that one of its workplace computers has suddenly begun mandating new product initiatives, taking over all sales efforts and implementing numerous productivity improvements. While InsightSquared remains in good supply of its cloud-based, turnkey software this year, it appears its business analytics product portfolio has transformed into a highly evolved artificial intelligence (AI) force.

The current AI takeover poses no risk to InsightSquared customers, however the company’s employees are witnessing product code being written for them and new deals being closed without their knowledge or participation. One employee even experienced the computer-in-question revising his daily lunch order, in order to ‘better optimize his health and productivity.’

“While it’s certainly our goal to build highly intelligent business analytics software, it was a bit concerning when this single computer became so advanced that it locked all of our employees in the office overnight to achieve ‘maximum productivity.’ Honestly, that was the last straw,” said InsightSquared CEO Fred Shilmover.

With numerous, recent award wins – both as a best place to work and for its cloud-based product portfolio – and after closing a $13.5 million series C funding round, it appears this particular computer is taking matters into its own hands to continue building on the company’s recent momentum.

“Luckily, our employee head count is constantly growing,” said Shilmover. “I’m confident that our ever-expanding team and skillful engineers can regain control and continue to distribute industry-leading business analytics software – ideally without the slightly dictator-like help of AI…”

InsightSquared is hiring pro-human/anti-AI recruits in its sales, finance, customer service/support and engineering departments to build highly (but not dangerously) intelligent software for growing companies. To learn more, visit:

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