InsightSquared Monthly Product Update

Every month we send out an email update to our customers, highlighting many of the improvements we’ve made to the InsightSquared product in the prior month. In the spirit of communicating through multiple channels, here’s a run down of the most notable improvements to the product we’ve made recently to kick off the new year.

New Navigation

This is probably old news to most of our customers but we made changes to InsightSquared’s navigation this past month. We’ve improved the names to be more intuitive. Furthermore, the sections now collapse and expand to suit to each user’s preferences. For more information, read up on the changes (if you are using an Applicant Tracking System we’ve got a support article specifically for you; using a CRM like, we’ve got a separate article for you).

Won/Loss Reason Analysis

When we updated our navigation, the Won/Lost report graduated up out of “The Lab”. To commemorate this event, we’ve added a new tab: Won/Lost By Reason. Now you can identify trends in your wins and losses.

And if you don’t see any reasons populated in the report (but track them), contact support and they can help you get that data into InsightSquared.

Bookings Month-to-Date in your Email

Where does each employee stand relative to their bookings goals this month? This is a key question you likely ask yourself every day. Now you can add the answer to the InsightSquared nightly and weekly emails. Contact support if you want to augment your emails with this new set of answers!

Sales Funnel: More Stages

When we first introduced the Funnel to you, we restricted the set up to only allow for 6 stages in the funnel visualization. Now we’ve expanded that limit. Want to track 12 stages in your sales funnel? Go right ahead. Just ask the support team to hook you up.


Want in on the analytic fun?

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