Looked Everywhere in Cloud, Cabinets – and They’re Fresh Out of Analytics

CAMBRIDGE, MA – April 1, 2014 – Today marks a first for the Software-as-a-Service industry: InsightSquared, the award-winning provider of business analytics, announced that they have temporarily run out of their on-demand cloud-based software.  It appears that the drought may be an unforeseen consequence of their record-setting growth.

While InsightSquared’s hundreds of global customers are not affected, prospective customers visiting the website will find a “Sold Out” sign on the site today.  Initial reports suggest that the engineering team just could not code fast enough to support the unrelenting sales demand.

As far as InsightSquared can tell, this is a first for cloud-based software.  According to CEO & Founder Fred Shilmover, “We didn’t think it was possible. No, seriously, we’re a cloud-based software company.  I’m legitimately confused.”

Some argue that this should not have come as a big surprise for InsightSquared, whose customers are constantly spreading their praise with quotes like, “The reports are awesome… better than any other reporting tool I’ve ever seen,” from Database Specialist Katie Bullinger at MarketStar. Experts agree that the analytics company should have foreseen this blunder sooner.

Just last week InsightSquared announced 20x annual growth for their Salesforce analytics product. It seems that sales literally went through the roof, forcing them to relocate to a more growth-friendly office next month.  The company’s new space will be triple the size of their current Cambridge, MA location to accommodate sales growth and new employees.  Even with the additional team members, the company is scrambling to keep up with demand for seamless analytics, better forecasting, and instant Monday morning metrics.

“April 1st is a day that will go down in SaaS history,” said Shilmover.  “We are thrilled to help businesses access their data like no legacy BI provider has done before. This demand signifies we’re on the right path.” As for when they plan to have their SaaS software back in stock? Shilmover relayed, “ We should be back to normal by tomorrow. We were just totally blindsided. If only we had better predictive analytics. Oh wait…”

p.s. InsightSquared is hiring. Come help us build more software!

About InsightSquared
InsightSquared is the innovative leader in Salesforce Analytics and modern business intelligence for sales and marketing. Unlike legacy Business Intelligence platforms, InsightSquared can be deployed affordably in less than a day without any integration costs and comes preloaded with reports that real business people can use. Hundreds of companies and thousands of users around the world use InsightSquared’s award-winning analytics to maximize sales performance, increase team productivity and close more deals. Based in Cambridge, Mass., InsightSquared was recently named one of the “Best Places to Work in Massachusetts” by the Boston Business Journal and “Top Places to Work 2013” by The Boston Globe.  For more information, visit www.insightsquared.com.

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