Whatever your goals for 2016 are, we know how important the new year is for setting your sights, charting your course and making a clear plan for growth. To help with this process, we’re excited to announce Ramp, our new blog focused on helping business leaders and sales professionals gain momentum and accelerate revenue. Our goal is to help growing companies thrive by sharing data, tools, and real-life lessons on defying the status quo in high tech sales.  

The 2016 Growth Edition

Is 2016 going to be the year you take your company to the next level? Will it be the year your young startup finally achieves traction? Or when you finally reach exit velocity? In our inaugural edition of Ramp, we explore 4 ways for tech companies at different stages to make 2016 the year they reach the next level. Here’s what you’ll find in this edition:


The SaaS Startup Guide to Crossing the Chasm

How can your SaaS company traverse the difficult path from a startup hopeful to a successful business with a proven market? We take the advice laid out in the classic book Crossing the Chasm and apply it to the SaaS business model.

sales enablement program

Why InsightSquared Created a Sales Enablement Role

Tech companies that are trying to scale their growth engines need to find efficient ways to close more deals. In 2015, we realized that this meant creating a brand new function for our Go-to-Market Team: Sales Enablement.


3 Lessons from Slack About Moving Upmarket

At some point, most tech companies realize that, if they’re going to be in it for the long haul, they’re going to need to raise their Average Sales Price. Few companies have made this leap as successfully as Slack. Here’s what you can learn from them.

enough pipeline?

Teach Your Team How to Calculate Pipeline Coverage

If you think you know your ideal pipeline coverage, think again. As teams grow, it’s important to tailor pipeline coverage ratios to individual reps and deal types. Learn how reverse engineering pipeline coverage can increase bookings.

Why Ramp?

Why would we change the name of our blog and podcast? We found that our most popular episodes and posts were those where we geeked out on SaaS metrics. So we’re positioning around that theme, and bringing you content that will help your SaaS company ramp up and grow faster.

In this podcast episode, Joe Chernov, VP of Marketing at InsightSquared, explains exactly why we made this decision, and gives insight into our behind-the-scenes process.

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