We’ve hit the ground running in 2013 with new improvements to InsightSquared. We think that many of these features will help reshape the way our customers use InsightSquared and help to spread the use of analytics and reporting at our customers’ companies.

InsightSquared is delivering the analytics you need, when and where you need them. Read on to learn about how we’re changing the world of analytics.

Send Report

Email Report Do you have team members who aren’t finding the time to dig into the reports that InsightSquared provides? Are there one or two reports they really should see without having to remember to login?

You can now send, via email, a full copy of any report in InsightSquared. Send it immediately or on a schedule.

Look for the Email button on the top right-hand side of virtually every screen today.

Fully Revamped Fullscreen

Do you have big screen displays in your office? Want to track and display daily metrics in a public manner? Now you can with our completely revamped Fullscreen Display feature. Add any report to the rotation of reports delivered via our fullscreen capability, optimized for the flat panel on your wall.

Sales Trending

Try it out today or set up your own set of reports for rotation. It not only is a beautiful way to see your data but will also help change the way you run your business.

New Forecast

Every sales leader, manager and rep participates in sales forecasting in one way or another. It is the most common analytics activity we see within sales organizations.

Now in “The Lab”, we’ve got a new way for assisting in this key process. Save time and improve your accuracy with our new forecast report. Try it out and let us know what you think of this new forecasting tool.

Sales Forecast Graph

For staffing and recruiting customers, we are working on a forecasting algorithm specific to the needs of your industry. If you’d like to participate in our research, just reach out to Josh who is spearheading this work.

Custom analysis of your pipeline

We all have unique and different ways to break down and analyze our businesses. Maybe you want to view your pipeline by geography. Maybe by lead source. Maybe by business unit.

With that in mind, we’ve added a new “Pipeline Today by Custom Field” tab to allow you to analyze and compare your pipeline based on any field. Contact support today to set up yours.

Row filtering in table headers

Have you ever wanted to filter down the content of a report based on one of the columns? For example, you only wanted to look at deals that are between $1,000 and $10,000. Or you want to only view your pipeline with opportunities in specific stages. Now we make this easy.

Hover over a column header in any table in any report, click on the button and filter down the report to the subset of information you care about:

Row Filtering

Salesforce.com products, revenue and schedules

Are you using products and schedules with Salesforce.com? Do you wish InsightSquared provided more reports focused on revenue as opposed to bookings?

If you would like to provide feedback on new reports and improvements to the InsightSquared product regarding these topics, feel free to contact Josh on our product management team.

Worked Leads

Tracking the amount of leads that have been worked is a powerful metric for sales teams and your marketing teams. For sales, it is a good leading indicator that shows the level of effort your reps are putting towards building their pipeline.

On the flip side, marketing can make judgements on the quality of leads they are delivering to sales and understand ways to better meet the needs of the sales team. Are the new leads being worked quickly? Why not?

Worked Leads Graph

The Leads Worked report is in “The Lab.” Try it out today.

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