It’s been over two months since we received our beloved kegerator, and it’s about time it got some proper blog love. After all, it’s already survived a house warming party, the holidays, the Superbowl, and multiple beer Fridays (and some Thirsty Thursdays).

InsightSquared Kegerator

How she teases...

InsightSquared Kegerator Inside Look


Soon, my precious. Soon.

InsightSquared Kegerator Taps

The model is The Beverage-Air DD50, though we affectionately call her “Winnie” as a tribute to our favorite math-loving actress. Two taps, three hoses (essential to carbonate home brews), storage for other drinks and glasses, and kept at about 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Frosted InsightSquared Mug

Frosted for your pleasure.

The beers Winnie holds are typically of the local variety, and often home-brewed by InsightSquared’s own. Ryan Miling (who’s drank over 300 beer varieties and has been to Oktoberfest) is the general caretaker, keeping her clean, functional, full and often taking on the role of brewmaster. Here’s a video of the very first batch he brewed, fermenting like a champ:

InsightSquared’s Beer Tracking Application (beta)

Ryan also created an internal app that tracks which beers are on tap, which tap they are on (left or right), and how much is left.

IS2 Cold Beer Tracking Application

Not shown: animated bubbles. No really.

The plan is to make remaining beer prediction more accurate by installing scales which would feed the weight of the keg into this app. Yes, we do take an analytic approach to everything. Better data, better beer.

The run down of beers we’ve had on tap at InsightSquared

2 1/2(keg)s of Dale’s Pale Ale
2 1/6s of 21st Amendment Black IPA
1 1/2 of Cisco Grey Lady
1 1/6 of Harpoon Chocolate Stout
1 1/6 of Sam Adam’s Winter Lager
1 1/6 of IS2 Broken Glass Ale
1 1/6 of IS2 Uber Stout
1 1/6 of IS2 Black IPA

Upcoming (put to a company-wide voting process):

+ Yards Brawler or Victory Headwaters Pale Ale
+ Ballast Point Sculpin IPA or Green Flash West Coast IPA or Port High Tide IPA
+ Coco Loco Toasted Coconut Brown Ale

Drop by and have a pint on us!

Future improvements to the kegerator

In the next few months, Ryan and others have a lot of work to do to get Winnie even more attractive. Besides the aforementioned scales, there are plans to install a second CO2 tank, which would make it possible to carbonate a home-brew while still being able to keep beers flowing from the tap. Also, a more intelligence drainage system has been concocted in our labs and will soon be deployed. Finally, our CEO Fred Shilmover will be kept on task to provide hand carved wooden InsightSquared tap handles.

Check back in a month or two to see how we’ve progressed!



What do we do with all the creativity Winnie provides us?

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