Lee Salz’s New Book “Hire Right, Higher Profits” is a Must-Read

We ‘re really excited about Lee Salz’s new book, Hire Right, Higher Profits: The Executive’s Guide to Building a World-Class Sales Force. Lee Salz is the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects, Business Expert Webinars and The Revenue Accelerator. Read more about him in our Expert Series Interview: Lee Salz – The Sales Architect.

“Top-performing companies recognize that each salesperson represents a revenue investment made by the company. To make informed investment decisions, each candidate goes through a structured, deliberative evaluation process. While the adding of headcount is commonly called ‘hiring,’ these companies view it through the lens of investing in revenue. When executives adopt the revenue investment perspective, the entire way they view their current and future sales teams change.”

Lee Salz’s “Hire Right, Higher Profits” is a brilliant read for sales leaders who are ready to reframe their hiring mindset and methodology. It is based on his perspective that each member of a sales team represents a revenue investment made by the company. In the book, he teaches you how to make informed revenue investment decisions and how to get a high rate of return on every revenue investment. Simply put, you will learn how to hire right and generate higher profits.

What’s in it?

Lee gives a detailed and well-written roadmap for recruiting the right kind of sales reps, evaluating their past experience and future potential, interviewing them, onboarding them, training them, and keeping them.

This is no cursory overview – he really digs deep into every step of the process. He’ll teach you how to:

  • Shift your executive team’s perspective from hiring salespeople to investing in revenue
  • Identify the factors that affect revenue investment performance – the causes of sales rep success or failure
  • Assemble a candidate evaluation program to contrast candidates with the performance factors
  • Protect the revenue investment through structured sales onboarding
  • Design sales onboarding curriculum to get a fast, high return on the new revenue investments

Any questions you have about attracting, hiring and retaining great reps for your sales team are fleshed out in meticulous detail. If you were to take every chapter of his book and apply it to your specific industry and company needs, you would leave with an airtight plan for building a world-class sales team.

Ready to make big changes to your hiring methodology? Check out the book here to get 20% off the purchase price.

Oh, and make sure to read Chapter 3, “Hiring from the Competition,” at least twice – it will change your recruiting practices forever.

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Read more about Lee Salz in our Expert Series Interview: Lee Salz – The Sales Architect.

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