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Amazon's 1995 logo

Amazon's 1995 logo

We just swapped to our third logo in the last 6 months. Can you tell we like to experiment and iterate?

Are we weird? We don’t think so. has iterated their logo over a dozen times in 15 years. This is Amazon’s logo from 1995. For a real flashback, check out their original homepage.

Here’s our progression:

November 2010

January 2011

InsightSquared logo

April 2011

(White for the external site, black for the internal app)

We believe in iteration and testing frequently. So, what do you think, is our logo getting better?

Samuel Clemens
Sam is founder and chief of product & marketing for InsightSquared. Previously, Sam was VP Product at HubSpot, VP Product at BzzAgent, and on the founding team at His background also includes venture capital with Greylock Partners, the Algorithms group at, and management consulting with Booz Allen Hamilton. Sam has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. in Applied Math from Yale. In his off time he dives shipwrecks in the New England area.
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  • Chris Hopf

    I think you can settle in with the most recent design for quite a while. Well done. Curious, did you use 99designs or are you willing to share who designed the latest version?

  • Samuel Clemens

    Yes indeed, it was via 99designs

  • Tyler Rowley

    Hi Sam,

    You don’t know me, but your name appears as a possible “endorser” for the MassCallenge startup competition, so I am reaching out to you for your endorsement.

    My partners and I have entered our company,, into the $1M startup competition last week. I see that you are listed as a “diamond” endorser – a person or organization known and trusted by MassChallenge as a leader in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

    A diamond endorsement would provide us a small discount on the entry fee and provide us with points toward judging scores, thereby giving our startup an advantage in the competition.

    If you could endorse, it would mean a huge deal to my partners and I. If you’re interested in hearing about our company, I’d love to tell you what we’re all about. Otherwise you can find our short profile on the page where you endorse us.

    For more details on the endorsement process, and to endorse my startup, please see here: There is a link on that page that you can click on to endorse us. You will need your username and password that MassChallenge already sent you.

    If you have any questions please email or call me (401.290.7201).

    Best regards,

    Tyler Rowley

  • Tom Rose

    The logo definitely is getting better. The most recent one looks cleaner and more professional than the others. I’ll bet it resolves better at different sizes than the January logo does. Thanks for sharing the design firm.

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