We are all busy and under heavy demands for our time. Meetings pile up back-to-back in our calendar. Interruptions strike at every turn. When it comes to creating, accessing and processing sales analytics I try to strip away as much waste as possible so I can be as efficient as possible.

For example, I love the 5 keyboard shortcuts I use with Gmail every day. It makes reading and processing my email a much faster process. And the faster I read and respond to my email, the more time I have for executing the “real” work I have planned for myself.

Similarly, I love two of the new features from InsightSquared because they help to make me more efficient.

Receiving daily emails of the key reports I care about ensures that I always touch the key metrics about our business at least once a day, even if I only glance at the information for a few seconds in the morning. I don’t need to remember to login to our product when I get to the office – I can check the reports on my phone and get the most recent updates while I’m riding the train. It is a great use of my time and helps me ramp up for the day.

Likewise, we have big screens in our office rotating and displaying key reports for our sales team. Again, the basic, tactical reports are finding me as I walk the halls of the office. If something jumps out at me while I am walking by a flat screen, I can dive into the details the next time I’m at my desk.

Analytics Dashboard

Thinking about these improvements to my productivity and the way I’ve been able to weave analytics into my work life more smoothly, reminded me of another favorite trick of mine.

I’m a Mac user and Macs have a lesser used feature called the Dashboard. I can quickly access the dashboard by swiping three fingers, left to right, on my touch pad (there are other methods). Go ahead and try it. Swipe with three fingers in the opposite direction to come back. The Dashboard is great because its really accessible, with just a flick of the wrist.

The Dashboard has some minor little apps like a calculator and a weather widget set up, by default. I’d guess that 99% of Mac users never customize their Dashboard, let alone access the Dashboard on purpose. That said, you can add your own “widgets” based on any web page.

Now, the moment I want to check out our forecast, I have access to our current forecast in under a second. No URL to type, no login link to click, no navigation menu to click through.

My analytics, where I want them, when I want them.

What kind of productivity hacks do you use?


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