Mark Roberge: All New Sales Managers Make This 1 Mistake

You’ve just been promoted to Sales Manager. You’re excited to start shaping your team and generating revenue. You rack your brain trying to think of the best way to improve your team. What do you do? The first thing most new managers do in this situation is to try to make their sales management mark and overhaul the entire team. But, according to HubSpot’s Mark Roberge, this is also the worst thing they can do.

“The biggest mistake new Sales Managers make is trying to work on too much at once,” he told InsightSquared during a long interview recently. “Almost every new manager falls into the trap of just throwing too much at a new rep.”

“Obviously,” he added, “this is just overwhelming.”

So what should a new Sales Manager do? According to Mark, it’s all about narrowing your focus and picking one skill at a time to work on. Although a new manager is probably filled with a million things to tell his team, he should (as hard as it might be) step back, take a deep breath, and break his coaching strategy down into bite-size pieces.

“Take that first hour’s worth of feedback and pare it down,” Mark said. “What’s the one thing that will make the biggest difference? Focus on that first.”

New managers can be forgiven for having a surplus of coaching energy, but they should remember that focusing on a single skill makes it easier for them to provide actionable advice and avoid overwhelming their reps.

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