In the Sales world, Mark Roberge is viewed as a visionary. As a Sales Executive for HubSpot, he’s helped grow revenue by more 6,000% and expanded his Sales team from one employee to more than 200. But that doesn’t mean he’s infallible. In fact, when assessing his tenure at HubSpot, Mark is dogged by one big mistake.

“Hiring,” he told InsightSquared during a long interview recently. Namely, hiring the wrong people in an attempt to keep up with HubSpot’s breakneck growth.

“When we started to aggressively scale, I obsessed over hitting the hiring target and I dropped the bar a little in terms of quality, which really hurt us,” he said.

So what does Mark wish he’d done differently? Been willing to miss his hiring target in order to keep the quality of his sales force high. And one of the ways he thinks he could have done this is by de-emphasizing prior experience and looking instead for reps who performed well across a wider range of criteria.

“I’ve learned that it is better to find the right candidate across a variety of criteria — most importantly coachability — than it is to pick the one with the most experience,” he said.

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