Here’s part two of the list of brand spanking new features we’ve rolled out for our product. Did you catch part one? Good, let’s get to it:

Falloff Reporting

How many contract placements do you have ending next week? Are they being offset by enough contract starts? Should you be more aggressive during a certain time of the year?

We have a new screen in the Contract Revenue report that visualizes the ratio of contracts beginning and ending for each time period. This is great for seeing yearly trends in contract volume, making it easier to predict when contracts may start and end for your business.

Sales Cycle Reporting

How long does it take to close a deal? Which clients take longer than others?

The new Sales Cycle report answers these questions, breaking out the time spent in each phase of the cycle. It also breaks out the average duration by client so you can see which clients take longer to close than others. Now you know exactly what deals took more nurturing, which will help inform your sales process in the future.

“About This Report”

Reporting can be complex because the devil is in the details. How is a column calculated? What does “Unassigned” mean? How are items attributed to client/employees?

Getting more info should be easy. Most reports in our system now include an “About This Report” link in the top-right corner that describes the finer points of the particular report. Just click to see more details; instant expert.

New “Welcome to IS2” Email

We have a new, more friendly welcome-to-InsightSquared email that is delivered whenever you activate an employee.

Wait, you mean you haven’t activated all of your employees yet? What are you waiting for?

Misc. Tweaks

  • We now alert you to errors where bill rate = pay rate.
  • Fixed a bug where spline charts were not showing on an iPad. Have you seen us on the iPad yet? We’re sexy.
  • Client Dashboard: we broadened it to show all clients with >0 deals, even if they don’t currently have an active job order.
  • Fixed issues related to timezone calculations.
  • Fixed issues related to international currency conversions and display.
  • Tag Management now shows inactive users, so you can tag ex-employees and add their historic data to filtered reports.
  • Fan of the Activity Over Time (aka “Starchart”) reports? They are still accessible under Activity Averages.
  • We will now alert you if we detect an unknown deal type in your source data, because it could result in incorrect deal value calculations.
  • Changed “Trailing 12 Months” to include the full month a year ago, and same for T7D and T90D.
  • Candidate Source: we added a calculation to show the earned $ value of a source. Thanks to Dr. J. B. for the inspiration!
  • Oh, and our designer wants to note that he “hand-picked” a new color palate just so all your reports will be that much more vibrant. (See? We actually employ some artists too, not just quants.)

New in the Labs

  • Fullscreen Display module. Our beta customers have it running on flat-screen TVs in their teams’ rooms.
That’s all the new updates for now. As always, please let us know what you think of these features. And if you are not a client and want in on the fun, sign up for a free trial here.Best,
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