New Analytics Features – November 2011

This post is geared more for our clients who are familiar with all of our features (and if you’re not using InsightSquared, you should give it a shot), but hey, we like letting everyone know how busy we’ve been. So busy, in fact, that this new features post will have to be split into two parts. Here’s part one:

Intraday Updates

[image width=”220″ height=”119″ align=”right”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/intraday-updates.png[/image]Up until now, we were refreshing and recalculating your reports overnight (along with the associated regressions, cohorting, and data error checking). But we’ve been sufficiently inspired by stories of our customers leaving InsightSquared open on their desktop during the day to monitor new activity that we wanted to make our data more real-time.

We have now increased the refresh and reprocessing frequency to about once per hour during business hours. The bottom of each page shows the exact time of your last update. Now you can keep us open in a browser tab and click refresh every hour to watch your data get processed and change during the day!

New Deal Dashboard

[image width=”220″ height=”143″ align=”left”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/deal-dash1.png[/image]What does the landscape of my closed deals look like? What have we closed lately, and for how much? If you’re a manager, this is the sort of summary information you’d love to have at your fingertips.

Our new Deal (Placements) Dashboard shows you at one glance every deal that has closed in any time range you select. You can also click on any “dot” in the chart to drill for more details on each including the employee who closed, the client won, the value of the deal and more, or just hover over each dot to see the quick hits.

Is it still a “dashboard” if it’s this packed with information?

Updated Forecast Algorithm

[image width=”220″ height=”173″ align=”right”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/forecast2.png[/image]We keep a pet Statistics Ph.D. in a back room. We feed him Oreos.

His latest update is to our Sales Forecasting algorithm. The algorithm now factors into your historic client and employee close rates using a technique called Survival Analysis, which is a branch of statistics used to model events over time. In this case, the likelihood of a potential deal closing over time. This means more accurate forecasting for you. Feel free to send Oreos as thanks.

Lost & Won Deals on the Employee Scorecard

[image width=”220″ height=”89″ align=”left”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/lost-and-won-deals.png[/image]What deals has a salesperson recently won…or lost? Is there something you could have done to help them on lost deals?

The goal of the Employee Scorecard is to be the one-stop-shop for an employee to see his/her performance data. The Scorecard already included a table of an employee’s open opportunities (job orders), but based on customer requests, we’ve now added an additional table: Lost & Won deals. Check it out on the Employee Scorecard.


[image width=”220″ height=”55″ align=”right”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/multitag.png[/image]Do you have too many tags to filter by to encompass all of the combinations of geography + industry + internal group that you might need?

We’ve made it easier by enabling filtering by combinations of tags. For example, if you filter by “West Coast” and “Sales Team X” at the same time, your report will show results which are both of those.

(If you’re a Boolean algebra fan, this is an AND operation. If you’re a student of set theory, it’s an intersection. If you’re not a math person, it might be this.)

Cubing for Speed

[image width=”220″ height=”173″ align=”left”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/cubes_orig.jpg[/image]We’re speed-obsessed. Just because you have a lot of data to crunch doesn’t mean it should take minutes like a traditional reporting system.

Our latest technique is called cubing. We pre-compute variations of each report, including pivots and drills and filters. That way the data is available to you even quicker. Seven times quicker.

About half of our reports are cubed so far, with more on the way. We call it “ISCube”. (New company name, perhaps?)

Score Your Data Quality

[image width=”220″ height=”149″ align=”right”]/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/fix-list.png[/image]The new Data Quality Report includes a percentage score showing how many of your recent opportunities or deals were free from data quality errors. This helps you evaluate the quality of your incoming data, and see if your team is getting better at compliance and process.

We had one customer go from a constant 60% to pegged at 100% since adopting InsightSquared.

What’s your current score?


What do you think of our new features list? Be sure to check out part 2!