New Feature: Activity Ratios

A key part of monitoring your team’s efficiency are Activity Ratios. Ratios help you troubleshoot funnel conversion issues, for example.

Mark Roberge (VP Sales @ HubSpot), in a guest post on David Skok’s (VC @ Matrix Partners) blog, describes his ratio analysis in-depth, give a bunch of great best practices, and even shows their home-made ratio dashboard. As you can see, it’s a lot of work.

So how do you get this all-important ratio dashboard for your business, without spending effort and money on custom development and ongoing maintenance? We’re your answer. See how easy and intuitive our Activity Ratio Dashboards are:

Ratios By Activity Date

Activity Efficiency
The most basic activity analysis process is:

  1. Pick which ratios matter to your business
  2. Chart them over time

This view will tell you if last month’s shortfall was because of the conversion from opportunity to demo ratio, or demo to close ratio. Now you’ll know exactly what aspect to focus on improving.

Ratios By Employee

Employee Activity Efficiency
The next step is to monitor ratios for each salesperson.

  • How do veterans convert differently from rookies?
  • Is a particular salesperson having difficulty with one stage of their funnel?
  • Are different teams more efficient than others?

This view tells you everything you need to know about how your employees are performing. Plus, you can always drill down on each employee to see specifics on all of his/her individual ratios.

Ratios By Client

Opportunity Efficiency
Are some clients more difficult than others? Which clients are the highest revenue for the lowest effort? The third aspect of our Ratio Analysis dashboard helps you figure out why by calculating ratios for all of that client’s opportunities.

The yellow dots show you how efficient each client source is, in this screen shot. The further right the dot, the more efficient the Contract to Deal ratio.

Ratios by Opportunity Date

Opportunity Creation Data

  • Is the quality of our incoming opportunities getting better over time?
  • Did the opportunities from last June’s marketing campaign convert worse or better than usual?

These are very difficult questions to answer because they involve cohorted ratios, i.e. ratios done on activity aggregated by their associated opportunity rather than aggregated by the activity’s date.

Good luck doing this in Excel. But now you don’t need to — our Ratios By Opportunity Date report does it for you. It looks just like the By Activity Date report above, but with cohorting built-in for you.