Who are my best customers?

- Joe Salesmanager

The answer is often not “whoever pays the most.” Other factors are which account requires the most effort to close, or which account has the best repeat close rate.

Enter the revamped Client Dashboard:

Client Dashboard

The chart uses the same Bookings and Efficiency contrast as before:

  • Green bars are booked value per account in the selected date range.
  • Dots indicate the relative efficiency (effort per dollar of sales) for each account.

Some new features are in the table columns and report logic:

  • We’ve added a datepicker instead of only showing the last 12 months, so you can review and compare customer performance by going back in time.
  • Open Opp Age shows how fresh or stale the current opportunities are for each account.
  • Sales Cycle shows how many days on average are required to close a deal with that account, and clicks through to show a breakdown by phase of your sales funnel.
  • Close Rate is what percent of opportunities convert to deals for that account.
  • Efficiency is the relative effort (as measured by tracked activities) is required to earn each dollar from that account. Positive numbers mean that account is easier to work with than your average account.

This new set of numbers is a more holistic view of an account’s performance, so you can evaluate which account is best for your company and take action to improve the rest of them.

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