Who are my most effective employees?

- Sales Manager

The final answer is usually “whoever delivers the most.” However there are often subtleties like:

  • What are the top performers doing differently?
  • Are there outliers in sales cycle or close rate which can be improved?
  • Is it more effective to go after fewer large deals, or many smaller ones?

Enter the new Employee Dashboard:

Employee Dashboard v2

Enhancements include:

  • datepicker, so instead of only showing the last 12 months, you can review and compare employee performance by going back in time.
  • Open Opp Age shows how fresh or stale an employee’s pipeline is.
  • Sales Cycle shows how many days on average that employee needs to close a deal, and click-throughs to show a breakdown by phase of their sales funnel.
  • Close Rate is what percent of opportunities that employee converts to customers.
  • Avg Split Value is the average portion of the deal for that employee, e.g. if deal credit is shared between pre-sales / sales / post-sales.

The new dashboard is a more holistic view of an employee’s performance, so you can evaluate what your team is doing right and do more of it to increase your top line.

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