New Feature: Sales Goal (Quota) Tracking

Measuring and compensating your sales team by quota is not only common, it’s a best practice.

Yet tracking an employee against goal for various date ranges, various goal levels over a year, and multiplying this by as many employees as you have…can be a pain in the neck.

We’ve made it easy:

Employee Bookings Goal

Now you can see at a glance the tiers of goals and who’s making quota that month.

From the datepicker in the top-right you can see this is for Last Month. What happens if you pick a 3-month period, or a 6-week period? No problem. We prorate the goals according to the date range, and do it intelligently so that 30- and 31-day months come out the same, just as you’d expect.

Want to look at just one team? As with all of our reports you can filter by team, geography, product line, or by whatever tags and filters you’ve set up previously.

There you go: all the sales goal tracking you need. Just another thing we’ve taken off your plate.

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