You’re a busy sales manager. You want to know at a glance whether your team’s open opportunities are being handled well or whether some are stalled and need attention. You want maximum information from minimal effort.

Ready to take things to the 4th dimension?

Open Job Orders

Opportunity Landscape Chart

This is the new Open Opportunity Landscape dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at the four metrics this chart visualizes:

Horizontal axis: the created date of the opportunity. Bubbles on the left side represent older opportunities that are potentially problems if they are much further back than your average sales cycle.

Vertical axis: the value of the opportunity. Bubbles near the top represent higher-value opportunities that might merit more attention or effort.

Bubble size: how much total effort invested in an opportunity to date. Effort is derived as the weighted sum of the activities associated with that opportunity. (Activity weights are also configurable.) So, large bubbles represent opportunities that are consuming a lot of your team’s time.

Bubble color: indicates whether the opportunity is currently stalled (red) or being worked (green). We use the Momentum value for this, where Momentum is the number of activities in the last 10 business days. A red bubble means nothing has happened with that open opportunity in 2 weeks.

The best status would be a small green bubble in the top-right corner of the chart. That would indicate a low-effort, high revenue opportunity with a lot of activity. The most concerning bubble would be a large red one in the bottom left.

Opportunity Landscape Data Table

What about the table? We’ve iterated here too! There are 2 new columns that we think are useful when discussing status with your sales team. Last Activity and Next Activity tell you the last and next activity associated with that opportunity. Use this to quickly see what’s been the last point of contact, for example, and what’s coming up next. Of course, an opportunity with a blank Next Activity could be a problem and one to look into.

As with all of our reports you can easily change the date range on the fly, add/remove filters and export to Excel.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think! Not a customer and want to get in on the fun?

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