New Feature: Sales Pipeline Visualization

If you talk to enough sales leaders (and I’ve talked to a LOT of them), patterns emerge. One of those patterns is how they approach their daily routine. They wake up, they open their eyes and immediately start to think about their pipeline. What’s going to close soon? What’s in trouble? What has lost its momentum? What is looking strong?

A sales leader looks at their calendar, figures out what appointments are set up and then has to prioritize their discretionary time each day (i.e. the time that isn’t already scheduled). Where should you reach out to provide extra coaching so your team hits its goals?

To make these decisions and answer these questions, InsightSquared has created a new report showing you the landscape of your opportunities in your sales pipeline and job orders by closed date.

Sales Pipeline Visualization Screenshot


Broadly, this visualizes the landscape of your pipeline and helps you as a sales leader determine where your efforts need to go. This dashboard shows you which opportunities are stalled so you know exactly where to channel your work and help set priorities.

Excited to try our dashboard out?

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