New Feature: Team Activity Comparables

You’re sipping your morning coffee. You open up your inbox and see your InsightSquared activity summary. Turns out, your team conducted 9 demo meetings last week. Hold on. Your coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Is that amount good or bad compared to prior activity?

Our nightly and weekly emails already give you a detailed summary of activity by employee. Now we have a new email module which shows how those totals stack up against the previous day/week, against your 90-day average, and against your all-time high:

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”4972″ align=”center” lightbox=”false” size=”large” height=”175″ width=”622″]

Of course, the numbers are smart for you so you don’t even need that cup of coffee:

  • The 90-day average only factors in weekdays (not weekends) when comparing against another weekday.
  • The 90-day average only factors in whole weeks when calculating a weekly average.
  • Green means better than the 90-day average; red means worse.

Turns out those 9 demos are historically low. Time to finish that coffee, put down that Sudoku, and get to work.

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