My sales reps are asking for new leads, but I want to know where they stand with the ones they already have.

- Sales Manager

Monitoring lead inventory is a challenge at the individual level, and is even more difficult when managing a team. At InsightSquared, we are not unfamiliar with this issue, so we built our new Leads By Employee dashboard to help employees visualize leads, and enable managers to determine how their employees stack up against one another. No need to spend hours of frustration with Excel. With this new dashboard, you can see just how efficiently your leads are being worked.

Lead Dashboard

Key Filtering Features:

  • By Employee – Clicking an employee’s name digs into their list of leads, enabling managers and employees alike to view their activity. Additionally, this list can be pivoted by Name, Date, and Status.
  • Quantity over Time – View the progress your employees have made on their leads this week, this month, this quarter, and beyond. Filtering by date range enables you to quickly monitor your employees’ progress, and benchmark activity against previous time periods.
  • By Lead Status – The Lead Status legend on the graph provides the ability to hone in on the leads that interest you. Look at your leads in aggregate, or drill down to focus on ones in a particular stage.
  • Advanced Filtering –  Your view can be configured to specific criteria depending on how your company slices data. Examples include filtering by verticals, offices, teams, clientele, and others.

The Leads by Employee dashboard offers an in-depth view of a team’s lead funnel at-a-glance, so employees can manage their leads with less chaos, and managers can track their team’s progress at a high level. Just another way that InsightSquared is providing better business intelligence, tailored to the needs of your company.

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