Office Holiday Party Analytics with InsightSquared

Tis the season for mirth, merriment, and of course, the ever-eventful office holiday party. These types of celebrations can actually be quite fun (once you’ve mastered how not to be awkward at networking events), especially when you have an in-office kegerator and cheap entertainment in the form of your very own Uncle Joe (see below).

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Turns out, Uncle Joe pops out of the woodwork around the holidays every year and provides his own version of entertainment for family and friends alike. Last year, we started to analyze Thanksgiving Analytics with Uncle Joe — so naturally, when Uncle Joe arrived at the InsightSquared holiday party, we thought we’d assess both the office party analytics in relation to Uncle Joe as well as a few other independent (of Joe) variables.

InsightSquared’s 2013 Office Holiday Party Analytics

This year, InsightSquared’s holiday party went off without a hitch: people dressed up, nobody got caught canoodling in the conference room, and altogether the chicken skewers to wine consumption ratios stayed pretty consistent in relation to years past.

Report: How Much Did We Consume?

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Nothing crazy to report here, really. Folks at our party tended to keep it pretty together, consistently enjoying both the tasty snacks as well as a glass of wine, or 212 (according to final reports). That was, until about 10:15pm when we saw a drastic reduction in skewers consumed, and an uptick in glasses of wine consumed. We’re pretty sure that the spike in wine consumption towards the end of the party had a lot to do with exhausting the skewer supply, and THIS guy.

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The next fun trend we noticed when looking around the room: when it came to people in the room, there were quite a few more compared with InsightSquared’s first holiday party 3 years ago (a testament to great founders and an awesome mission). As it turns out, there were a lot more ladies in the room too.

Report: Employee Ratios Over Time

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While in May 2011 there was a 12:1 Male:Female ratio at InsightSquared, that ratio hovers at about 3:1 these days. And judging by the rapid rate growth in 2013, InsightSquared Ladies will be taking over any day now!

Report: Take it Easy, Uncle Joe

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The increase in ladies seemed to make a lot of sense with another data point too: with this uptick in overall employees in the office and a new influx of ladies, we also noticed that Uncle Joe has been having a rough-go-of-it with the Human Resources department lately. Now that the data is in, it looks like maybe Uncle Joe should sit the next holiday party out, for everyone’s sake.

Emerging Holiday Party Trends

Since we’re a highly analytical group, we kept an eye on some emerging trends to analyze next year: we spotted an interesting relationship between toasts made with bottles of peppermint schnapps and new (questionable) vocabulary words learned in other languages, and saw a tremendous shift in the average arrival time at the office the following morning. We’ll keep an eye on these data points in the coming years.

The overall takeaway? With a combination of great coworkers, excellent founders, a spirit to take over the world of business intelligence, and a few too many bottles of vino, sake, and peppermint schnapps… we managed to have one of the best holiday parties around. Despite having to spend the evening with Uncle Joe.

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