Many entrepreneurs are suffering from Fear of Missing Out, according to Aaron Ross.

Ross is sales expert and author of the brand new book, “From Impossible to Inevitable,” a follow up to his bestseller “Predictable Revenue.” Ross is best known for his past work at Salesforce, where he created the Cold Calling 2.0 framework and helped the company add an extra $100 million-plus in revenue. Now, as the Chief Revenue Officer of Predictable Revenue Inc., Ross focuses on helping other companies double or triple new sales.

The new book, which Ross co-authored with SaaS VC Jason Lemkin, aims to help hyper-growth companies scale rapidly and grow predictably. Ross explained that the biggest thing holding back most companies from growth is actually a lack of focus.

“I find if a company is struggling with lead generation, it’s usually a sign that you haven’t nailed a niche,” he said. “You think you’re ready to grow, but you’re really not. You have to get over that fear of missing out and pick a primary niche where you think you have the best chance of success.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Ross shares how sales leaders can use a combination of highly-focused strategy and data analysis to rapidly grow sales.

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This intense focus is difficult for many entrepreneurs to adopt, Ross noted. Many founders feel as though they have to go after every market at once, or else miss out on an opportunity. However, if business leaders try to do everything, they will fail at everything.

“I know you have an amazing product and everyone could use it,” Ross said. “But for most people, unless they really need it, the energy it takes to buy and implement and make it successful; it’s not going to happen. Focus on the areas where there is the most need.”

In this exclusive 24 minute episode, Ross shared:

  • How you can nail your company’s niche
  • The one question you have to ask before hiring a VP of Sales
  • The sales metrics that matter for growth
  • …and much more.

Learn why focus is your greatest asset in the newest episode of Ramp.

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