[Podcast] Becoming a Funnelholic with Craig Rosenberg of TOPO

What is a Funnelholic, you ask? According to Craig Rosenberg, it’s anyone who is completely obsessed with optimizing the sales and marketing funnel.

Rosenberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Analyst at TOPO, a research and advisory firm that helps businesses accelerate growth. With his impressive track record in taking these companies to the next level, we wanted to know what he’s found to be the one differentiator in standout businesses. His answer? The key characteristic of high-growth companies is the ability to truly understand business data and process.

“Data is the mark of the high-growth, scalable revenue machines that we’re seeing today,” he noted.

In the latest episode of Ramp, Rosenberg explains how any business can use data effectively to build a powerful growth engine.

Listen now:

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In addition to his work as an analyst, Rosenberg is also behind the immensely popular Funnelholic blog. He writes often about his experiences working with companies who are trying to improve their sales and marketing funnels.

In this exclusive 32 minute interview, Rosenberg describes how businesses can utilize data to reach new heights, including:

  • Building a metrics-driven sales process
  • Optimizing the sales and marketing funnel
  • Creating a frictionless buying process
  • …and much more.

Get actionable advice on sales and marketing metrics from Rosenberg in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.