[Podcast] Jim Keenan on the Shifting Metrics of Success


Technology has drastically changed the way that we work, and the nature of work itself.

Because of this, the rules of achieving success have changed as well, according to Jim Keenan. Keenan is the CEO and President of A Sales Guy Inc., which offers sales consulting for B2B companies. With more than 20 years of sales experience, Keenan has seen a huge shift in the working world. His new book, “Not Taught: What It Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century that Nobody Is Teaching You”, examines how we work in today’s fast-paced, data-driven economy.

“In the industrial age, it’s was about hard work and how much time you put in,” Keenan said. “The information age is putting less and less emphasis on did you show up, did you clock in and out. Instead, what did you get done? Did you deliver the results?”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Keenan argues that any high-tech employee today — and sales professionals especially — have to adapt and change how they’re working.

Listen now:

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As people shift to a more result-oriented definition of success, data obviously becomes the focus for everyone from the CEO to an individual sales rep. However, Keenan warned business leaders not to go too far and become too obsessed with the numbers.

“Data is only valuable to the extent that you use it to make a decision,” Keenan noted. “Do not provide or demand data that cannot be used to make a decision in the moment.”

In this exclusive 25 minute interview, Keenan explains:

  • How to iterate and improve your sales process
  • The performance metrics that matter for every sales rep
  • Why the talent crunch in sales is overrated
  • …and much more.

Learn more about how data will change the way you work in the newest episode of Ramp, the InsightSquared podcast.