[Podcast] Lincoln Murphy Gets Inside the Minds of Your SaaS Customers


How do you define success for your Software-as-a-Service customers?

For Lincoln Murphy, customer success isn’t simply about correct usage of your product — it’s about the customer using your product to reach their personal goals.

Murphy is the Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight, and has helped more than 300 SaaS companies achieve success by improving customer retention, increasing revenue, and decreasing churn. He is adamant that SaaS companies must invest in customer success from the start. However, Murphy noted that not everyone truly understands the full weight of the term.

“Every customer has a desired outcome, and that’s what success is to them,” he explained. “It’s as simple as that.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Murphy explains how you can help your SaaS customers find their true success using your product.

Listen now:

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Customer success is especially important for SaaS companies because of the risk of churn. If a customer isn’t satisfied with their experience using your product, it’s all too easy for them to cancel and switch to another vendor. Murphy noted that if your churn rate increases, your Monthly Recurring Revenue will dip, and you entire business could fail.

In this exclusive 30 minute interview, Murphy reveals:

  • Why tracking usage metrics isn’t enough to decrease churn
  • How to find and then target your ideal customers
  • Why you should sometimes turn down a deal if it’s not a great fit
  • …and much more.

Get advice from Murphy on how to find and keep the best possible customers in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.