[Podcast] Million Dollar Insights from B2B Sales Expert Jill Konrath


How do you keep up in the ever-changing world of B2B sales?

The key to success is becoming an agile learner, according to sales consultant, thought leader, and best-selling author Jill Konrath.

“People are overwhelmed with information and it doesn’t stop – it’s a continuous onslaught of changes,” Konrath said. “Research shows that getting up to speed quickly is the key to success. Short-term success is the key to long-term success.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Konrath explains how B2B salespeople can adapt quickly to change, learn new skills faster, and improve their sales results.

Listen now:

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Every sales rep faces the challenge of selling a new product, reaching a new market or succeeding in a new job. In all of these cases, the faster you’re able to learn, the more successful you will be in any new venture. This is the key concept behind Agile Selling, Konrath’s most recent book.

“Agile selling is really different,” she explained. “It’s about how to get up to speed quickly.”

In this exclusive interview, Konrath unveils the keys to adopting agile learning and brings us up to speed on:

  • Tired sales strategies you should stop using
  • How to accelerate your company’s sales
  • The sales performance metrics you must track
  • Key advice for Sales VPs everywhere
  • …and much more.

Get the inside track on sales success from Konrath in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.