B2B sales management expert Jason Jordan has one message for today’s sales leaders: stop the data madness.

As a partner at the sales management and training firm Vantage Point Performance, Jordan conducts ongoing research into the best practices for hiring, training and measuring metrics at top sales organizations. Unfortunately, he said today’s sales managers have too much of a good thing when it comes to data.

“We’ve seen in the last 20 years an explosion in the amount of data, driven by CRM,” he said. “There’s a sense that the more data you have, the better you’re going to manage. That’s not always the case. The challenge is identifying what data you really need.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Jordan explains how B2B sales leaders can use data to thoughtfully and effectively to run their teams – without drowning in numbers.

Listen now:

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Jordan is a big believer in using the right sales metrics to drive improvements, and shared his own data-driven findings in his book, Cracking the Sales Management Code. Jordan said that in his research, he found key differences between top-performing sales teams and all the rest.

“Companies that have more sophisticated sales processes outperform those that don’t,” he explained. “It’s not magic. They get a plan they have faith in and they execute it very well. To contrast that with sales forces where we see less success, they’re more prone to view sales as an art rather than a science.”

He noted that less successful teams rely too much on hiring superstar reps instead of building a powerful sales organization that gives employees the tools to succeed. The best sales organizations provide tools and training and processes, instead of relying on raw talent.

In this exclusive interview, Jordan reveals the keys to improving sales management performance, including:

  • The sales metrics you need to improve sales forecasting
  • How to avoid becoming overwhelmed by data
  • Coaching your team by the numbers
  • …and much more.

Get quantifiable advice on sales management success from Jordan in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.

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