Last year, Sujan Patel met with 368 people to talk SaaS marketing. Why did he spend all this time and effort on in-person meetings? It all comes down to building personal relationships.

Sujan is the co-founder of the bootstrapped startup ContentMarketer.io, which offers tools that help you scale and automate your social media and content marketing efforts. He has over 12 years of Internet marketing experience, including as former VP of Marketing at When I Work and founder of a digital marketing agency where he helped clients like Salesforce, Mint, TurboTax, and LinkedIn.

Sujan decided to invest in building personal relationships with his target market, and then turning those relationships into business growth.

“The industry around content marketing is something I know very well,” he explained. “I am a marketer, I know the audience, I know the pain points, and although it’s not the best industry for SaaS because it’s so crowded, I have a leg up because that’s what I’ve been living and breathing for the last 10 years.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Sujan explains why SaaS marketers have to work so hard to stand out in a crowded market, and why word of mouth is sometimes your most valuable asset.

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Though SaaS marketing is crowded, Sujan admitted that there are some benefits to targeting to a marketing audience. Marketers love talking about marketing and to other marketers. Because of this, Sujan decided to connect directly with a huge number of marketers.

“I don’t even have to talk about what my tool does, I just have to talk to people,” he explained. “If they have a positive conversation with me, they think ‘I wonder what his company does.’ I gave away my tool to my community for free, and got great feedback from everyone.”

In this exclusive 22 minute episode, learn the story behind:

  • How Sujan overcame the high churn rate common in SaaS marketing
  • Why he held private marketing dinners across the country
  • How launching free tools paid off, despite low conversion rates
  • …and much more

Learn why SaaS marketing doesn’t have to be impersonal, in the newest episode of Ramp.

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