Ellen Rubin

Data storage.

The words alone sound tame, safe, and boring. You probably rarely think about data warehouses — unless there’s an outage and your SaaS product goes down.  

But Ellen Rubin thinks about data storage every day, and believes it deserves a little more credit for the explosion of SaaS growth. Rubin is the CEO and Co-Founder of ClearSky Data, a Cloud Storage Service company which just raised $27 million in Series B funding. She is a repeat entrepreneur, and previously co-founded the cloud management startup CloudSwitch, which was acquired by Verizon in 2011.

Rubin explained that data infrastructure is often undervalued and underappreciated by business leaders today. As SaaS companies outsource the tasks of traditional, on-prem solutions to the cloud, many business leaders only briefly consider the data storage that makes it all possible.

“The promise of the cloud is that you don’t have to think about your infrastructure anymore,” she said. “The cloud is everywhere, but actually the cloud exists in enormous data centers. The reality of that is something people need to understand.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Rubin shares how SaaS business leaders should think about data storage, and how this can affect your product, your business, and your customer’s happiness.

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Data storage isn’t often acknowledged in SaaS — it operates silently in the background. However, as more and more data is available to analyze, that puts an even greater strain on the underlying infrastructure.

“There’s a growing sense that data storage is free because it’s out of sight, out of mind,” Rubin noted. “Depending on what you do with your storage, there are tradeoffs in terms of performance and latency. It’s important for people to understand it, instead of making a quick decision.”

In this exclusive 18 minute interview, Rubin explains:

  • What SaaS leaders need to know about data storage
  • Why business leaders should analyze less — not more — data
  • How real time data will affect the future
  • …and much more.

Learn more about the unsung hero of SaaS — data storage — in the newest episode of Ramp, the InsightSquared podcast.

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