[Podcast] Trish Bertuzzi’s Road Map to Sales Success


How do you build a sales team that consistently drives growth?

As the President and Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc., Trish Bertuzzi has helped more than 220 B2B technology clients do exactly that. She helps sales leaders build, expand and optimize their inside sales teams to sell successfully and — more importantly — consistently.

Bertuzzi is always on the cutting edge of sales strategy and was named one of the Top 25 Most Influential in Inside Sales by AA-ISP four years in a row. She believes that a great sales process is the key to building a successful sales team.

“Everyone deserves to be given the formula to be successful,” she explained. “You owe it to your reps to give them a roadmap to success: a well-thought-out sales process.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Bertuzzi shares how sales leaders can use analytics to drive their sales process and close more deals.

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Bertuzzi said many sales leaders today are obsessed with metrics, but are often overcompensating for the lack of true business insights. Instead of focusing so much on analyzing data, sales leaders have to understand the analytics that lead to better sales performance and business decisions.

In this exclusive 22 minute interview, Bertuzzi explains how sales leaders can better use metrics to drive sales results, including:

  • The importance of a data-driven sales process
  • The conversion rates your unique organization needs
  • Using data to make good business decisions
  • …and much more.

Get advice from Bertuzzi on how to drive sales success in the newest episode of the Ramp podcast.