QUIZ: What Your Quarterly Business Review Says About You

In many ways, a fresh quarter is like a blank page for a sales team: a new bookings target, a purged pipeline, and a clean slate.

But a new quarter is also the perfect opportunity to reevaluate the successes of and shortcomings of the previous quarter so you can adapt your strategy and go into the new quarter with a refined plan for hitting your number.

Enter the Quarterly Business Review.

These once-a-quarter meetings help sales managers evaluate the previous quarter and identify what worked and what didn’t; what should be preserved and what needs to be cast off. QBRs help sales managers answer these questions and explain to others in the company what they mean about the sales team’s last-quarter performance and next-quarter strategy.

But there is no one-size-fits-all template for a QBR. Instead, each QBR is a distinct entity that is unique to the company’s industry, stage, size, and, perhaps most importantly, the personality and characteristics of the Sales VP who is holding it.

In fact, few Sales VPs truly understand how their personalities and business principles inform the way they structure and deliver their QBRs. And, conversely, what their QBRs can tell them about their approach to sales management. Do you rely primarily on historical data to guide your meetings or do you use the meetings as opportunities to motivate your reps and excite your execs? Do you focus your QBRs on the desired future of your company or on the nuts and bolts of its operation?

We believe that your answers to these questions are critical for analyzing what type of sales leader you are and how you should design and deliver your QBR.

So we created a personality quiz to help you better understand your business tendencies and principles through the lens of your QBR.

And it’s easy! Just 4 questions to help you understand what your QBR says about you and help you get the most out of these important meetings. Take the quiz below, see what type of sales leader you are, and then read our FREE guide to QBRs to learn how to use them more effectively.