“Slowness to change usually means fear of the new.” – Philip Crosby

Change is hard for any organization or individual but there are steps you can take to ease the transition and provide confidence as people move toward the new normal. 

Four years ago, I was in the same boat. My large healthcare company started using  InsightSquared because Salesforce did not provide us with the needed visibility into our key sales metrics. Our data refreshes took a long time and we needed answers quickly. Plus, there was a lack of consistency across teams in terms of the reporting format and selection of data and metrics for measurement. I was tasked to learn InsightSquared along with driving adoption and utilization across the sales team. 

My focus for adoption included multiple steps on different levels within the company. Below are the steps I took to help drive the adoption of the tool throughout the company. 

Step 1: Training and Resources:

  • Initially, I completed trainings for each group of sales reps and sales managers.
  • Within the same week, I also created InsightSquared tutorials encompassing 101 and 201 training videos for each group.
  • This provided resources for references for people who were traveling at the time or for those who wanted to look back on them at a later date.

Step 2: Dashboards and Delivery:

  • After the trainings, we gave sales teams access to our InsightSquared dashboards along with setting up a predictable scheduled delivery on a weekly basis.
  • Monday’s email delivery included individual dashboards and Friday’s e-mail delivery included the pipeline dashboard.
  • This gave each sales rep a reminder to clean up their pipeline before the weekend so sales ops can have clean data for reporting on Monday.

Step 3: Peer-to-Peer Testimonials: 

  • As I saw adoption start to pick up, I reached out to the super users for peer-to-peer testimonials. It is one thing for the Admin to push the tool and demonstrate why the sales team should use it, but having sales share stories with their peers and talk about the benefits they are seeing resonates much more. 
  • The final approach I took was checking individual usage on a weekly basis. If I didn’t see someone utilizing the tool, I would send them a password reset link via email as a reminder. If the lack of logging in went longer than 1 month, I would reach out to the individual and seek feedback individually.

Step 4: Executive Buy-in

  • Executive buy-in was vital to encouraging sales managers to drive their 1:1s and QBRs through InsightSquared.
  • The first ones were not 100% smooth but we continued to iterate and improve.
  • There were doubts at first; for example, “my data isn’t accurate in Salesforce so my pipeline in InsightSquared isn’t accurate.” But setting the expectation early on using this as the sole data will encourage everyone to have a clear view before 1:1s and QBRs.

The adoption actions I took helped ease the transition and expedite change through sales and sales operations. As an InsightSquared Admin, I was in touch with my InsightSquared account manager regularly for best practice sharing, trainings, and educational content. 

If I was ever unsure about reporting possibilities or wanted to see different views, I would open an InsightSquared support ticket. The support team was extremely responsive and helpful. If the request couldn’t be done, they would provide different options. If the request could cause a downstream workflow issue, they were available to talk through the solutions. These resources and the support team are there to help you look like a rockstar within your company so use them to your advantage.

Finally, I always signed up for the InsightSquared webinars even if I wasn’t able to join at the scheduled time. The valuable information covered would give me details to add to my dashboards and continue to expand my data analysis. I would then send emails to the sales managers regarding what was added and how to read the data that benefits them in their roles. 

The initial approach for adoption was slow but when I started hearing sales opening their internal emails or phone calls with “I found in InsightSquared…,” I knew they were hooked. 

For more information and best practices about becoming a rockstar InsightSquared Admin, join our Community and get involved in the discussionWe’d love to hear what you are doing to help implement and drive adoption of InsightSquared in your company.  

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